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Universal socket difficult to withdraw from the market

Time: 2017-03-29 Author: Hit: 1805

Inner Mongolia International Trade City, a businessman said, "the new national standard" socket, although safe, but not very practical, like three round plug simply do not plug in, some customers specifically to the store to ask if there is no "old national standard" socket. In the small hardware store, almost all of the shops are selling "old universal", and even some businesses that have never heard of the socket there are national standards of this matter.

Consumers value safety

Survey shows that consumers generally attach importance to the safety of the socket. Consumers said they attach great importance to the safety of the socket, but because they do not understand the socket is good or bad, so buy expensive.

Consumers Liu said that she in their own district outside the hardware store to buy a universal socket, the owner said the phone charging and television, refrigerators and other household appliances can be used. However, buy back a few days, she took the phone to charge, just put the charger plug in the socket, the socket to take a black smoke, the results of the phone was burned out. After playing that, she every two years to replace the home outlet, just in case.

Differences between old and new national standard socket

Many consumers do not know the difference between the old and new national standard socket. According to the socket vendors introduced to distinguish between the old and new national standard socket there are three main ways: one is to see the logo, in line with the "new national standard" products marked on the packaging "by gb2099.3-2008 standard production" words; Socket marked "by gb2099.3-1997 standard production" message. The second, "old GB" of the three-purpose socket with three-phase jack is combined with a total of three holes, and the "new national standard" socket three-phase jack and two-phase jack is Separate, there are 5 holes and plug the contact area is large, can effectively prevent heat, while anti-electric shock performance better. The third, "old GB" socket is a hole multi-purpose, "new international" is a hole with a use.