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Put an end to the risk of electric shock, give the child a safe space

Time: 2017-03-29 Author: Hit: 1673

For the children, the power and the socket is really amazing, a plug, the light is on, the TV screen has a sound image, and can also play the game on the computer, curious children will inevitably explore what happens, it is likely to cause harm The Countermeasures: 1. The best installation of the safety cover in the decoration of the kind of safety sockets, sockets, plugs to be protected, when not in use when the chair block, try not to use anywhere to move the terminal board to prevent the child into the socket Inside. 2. The socket should be installed in a relatively high position, at least 1 meter above, so that children can not touch. Table lamps and electrical appliances to install the leakage protection, the best choice of a safe transformer appliances. 3. Special attention to the use of floor lamps, floor fans, etc., so as to avoid tripping over the child accident occurred.