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How to choose switches, sockets and bulbs

Time: 2017-03-29 Author: Hit: 1665

Switch control of the living room in the home of the opening and closing of the lamp, the socket to ensure the stability of the home appliances safe and secure connection, in a well-decorated home, the choice of good switches and sockets can become the crowded home environment. But in the choice of switch socket, the most important thing is to safety performance, which is reflected in eight aspects.

A material. High-quality switch panels used in the material, in the flame retardant, insulation, impact resistance and moisture resistance and other aspects are very good, material stability, easy to change color. Now the switch panel in addition to the use of advanced plastic, there are gold, stainless steel, copper and other metal materials, for people to provide more and more choices.

Second, the appearance. Smooth and smooth surface, uniform color, texture, and generally good products. In addition, the panel logo on the panel should be clear, full, the surface can not have any burrs.

Third, the internal structure. The switch is usually made of silver contacts and silver-copper composite materials to do conductive bridge, which can prevent the switch when the arc caused by oxidation. High-quality panel conductive bridge with silver-nickel-copper composite materials, silver materials, excellent conductivity, and silver-nickel alloy to suppress the arc is very strong, so that the switch can be opened and closed more than 80,000 times, far more than the international requirements 4 million times the standard. Brass screw with the pressure of the switch, the contact surface, strong pressure line, wiring stable and reliable. And if it is a single hole copper pillars, wiring capacity, not subject to wire thickness restrictions, very convenient.

Four, feel. Try switch, good switch spring soft and hard moderate, excellent flexibility, open and close the transition is more intensity. The switch button does not occur in the middle of a position of the situation and become a serious fire hazard. But also Dian Dian a switch, high-quality products because of the extensive use of copper and silver metal, there will be no light feeling.

Fifth, the production process. Switches are often touched, especially the color switch panel, if the selection is unqualified inferior products, a long time, will be aging fade. If you choose those with the use of anti-ultraviolet properties of the material, and the border of the spray film processing process switch, even if used for a long time, the color will not happen the slightest change.

Six, human design. Now, good switch panels have night lights, even the most traditional fluorescent paint night instructions, but also from a single green fluorescence development to a variety of colors. Power light is another way to indicate the night, the current is more with LED lights instead of neon light, to ensure longer life, lower heat rate, more gentle light. Some switches use a grid structure panel and thicker mounting holes, which can effectively prevent the installation of the panel when the force is too large lead to deformation. Some of the high-end products also use a transparent base, so that their own or electrical observation of the internal structure of the product. Some panels will be reserved for 6-8 (up and down around and four corners) fixed mounting holes, suitable for a variety of situations need to install.

Seven, packaging and brochures. Brand products are very focused on consumer satisfaction, so the product packaging and instructions on the Kung Fu is unqualified brand-name products can not match, import brands must be equipped with Chinese manual. For the product name, brand, technical indicators marked with very clear, from the installation to the safety precautions are readily available. These are the need to pay attention when choosing the switch.

8, safety certification. Qualified switch products must be national certification and in line with international industry standards. Domestic products to pass 3C certification, ISO9000 series certification, some international brands also received other national and international safety certification, which will be marked by the label itself in the product itself, packaging or instructions.

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