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Household outlet to buy the main look at copper pieces

Time: 2017-03-29 Author: Hit: 1917

Household socket copper parts, is to ensure that the current smooth, reduce the key components of fever. Excellent quality of the household outlets are used high-quality copper, anti-oxidation, toughness, copper thick, less riveting, copper fittings is the quality of the four major indicators.

1, copper thick, to enhance the current through the ability to reduce the resistance of copper pieces of their own;

2, toughness, especially applied to the socket socket part, not easy to deformation. Even if the socket long-term use, but also to maintain the appropriate clamping force to ensure that the plug and plug tightly connected to reduce the arc;

3, anti-oxidation, no rust, reduce the resistance caused by corrosion increases and heat problems;

4, less riveting, it is best to a piece of copper pieces, to further reduce the riveting part of the fracture and rivets fever.

Over the past few years ago, the socket with brass to do the current is the mainstream; now, still use the brass pieces to do the flow is the last flow, the quality certainly times. Brass appearance is bright yellow, excellent conductive capacity, texture is soft, wearable but antioxidant, toughness (elastic) performance is not ideal. Brass long-term use, the copper surface will be oxidized corrosion, darken the color, will increase the contact resistance; repeated plug, the brass sheet due to poor toughness, deformation is serious, often can not take electricity phenomenon, or due to poor contact The formation of arc, can not guarantee safe electricity.

The current mainstream socket are used tin phosphor bronze as copper material. Tin phosphor bronze alloy appearance was purple, the biggest feature is its anti-fatigue strength is very high, highly flexible, corrosion resistance, excellent oxidation resistance. Even after long-term use, the surface will not be oxidized and corrosion, the sleeve will not be deformed, and always maintain the appropriate clamping force.

Consider the thickness of copper pieces, such as can not open the product visual, you can use a simple hand weigh the weight of the way. The amount of copper pieces more foot, the heavier the weight of the socket.

Large brand of socket products, basically with tin phosphor bronze to do the flow, so as to ensure the socket more than 12 years of normal life. Like three male aurora and other brands of the socket, using the integrated socket copper, the use of continuous mold process, the use of high-quality tin phosphor bronze high-precision processing with a molding, to avoid excessive riveting point, reducing the resistance of the material itself, The riveting part of the fracture and rivets heat situation, fundamentally eliminate the impact of riveting the quality of the troubles, the safety performance of the socket greatly improved. It is understood that the three male Aurora socket selection of tin phosphor bronze material, not only has a good copper conductive properties, and good elasticity, anti-fatigue, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance is very superior. In order to make the sleeve performance more perfect, three male aurora socket copper thickness of all 0.6 mm or more.