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Home switch socket with color

Time: 2017-03-29 Author: Hit: 1906

In recent years, with the sustained and rapid development of the national economy, urban and rural residents to further improve the living standards, selection of high-grade products has become a trend. In the room decoration, publicity personality luxury has become the pursuit of many owners. Therefore, people require switchgear and other electrical materials to meet the functional, security and other basic functions, the decorative also put forward higher and higher demand. Switch socket in the home decoration, although not the main material, but if you choose the right style but can play the role of finishing touch, to make the room the effect of brilliance.

Select the switch socket panel, the main should be with the overall style of the home. Home decoration popular style mainly new Western, European tradition (including Baohao style, pastoral, European fashion) and Chinese tradition.

New Western style: a single yellow tone, the ceiling to white, light yellow, light yellow wall with white furniture, gray blue paintings, and wall color similar to the carpet, sofa, armchair style modern, shop A lot of cloth decoration, curtains rich colors. Decorated into this style, you can use three male Aurora R9 luxury series switch socket. The series of the first pure aluminum alloy decorative panels, using a unique 66 surface treatment process, elegant and luxurious extravagant extraordinary taste. And colorful, can be free combination.

European tradition: interior layout, line type, color and furniture production are drawn from the traditional "shape" and "God", but also because of the different countries of the different styles and characteristics. To different countries at different times of the representative jewelry placed to reflect the characteristics of this period. There are European pottery, ancient Roman column, Western coffee table, fireplace and so on. Three male aurora all lines are used large rocker, and this large rocker switch panel is embodied in the European style model.

Bao Hao Division style: focus on the combination of function and form, respected colorless effect, mainly to black color, simple and clear style. Three male Aurora V5 wonderful series switch socket, touch between, so that the light of the world more exciting!

Pastoral style: from the countryside, the field of inspiration, respected natural life mode. More use of wood, fabric, marble, granite, pebble, hemp, red brick, fir board, logs, rattan, bamboo curtain, bamboo pots, semi-finished pottery and gold cloth. Using V118 refining series switch socket, the first steel composite structure bracket, artistic display of the United States and the harmonious combination of mechanics. Crystal clear, long lasting bright, so you feel the wonderful distance of life!

European fashion: casual, simple, stylish, color rich personality, or warm, or quiet, or comfortable, personal subjective preferences reflect the obvious. Mainly to Danish furniture, there are natural and creative lighting; furniture, but the structure is reasonable. Three male Aurora V8 simple series switch socket, exquisite edge, line, face, carved out of the golden section of the lines, simple to become so simple fashion.

Chinese traditional: stable, elegant, furniture placed a strong symmetry, often decorated with carving, line feet, and mahogany furniture as the main features, furniture to carved fan, floor cover, lacquer screen, calligraphy and painting, handicrafts, Bogut shelf furnish Tang San Cai, celadon vase and other antiques. This decoration style can choose three male Aurora V12 elegant series switch socket. The series of panels with fascinating elegance, opening and closing between the free and easy, people heart to enjoy.