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Four strokes to help you easily choose switch socket

Time: 2017-03-29 Author: Hit: 1981

At present, the market switch socket variety, good and bad, so that consumers do nothing at all, and the switch socket is not only a home decoration function supplies, but also the main parts of safe electricity, its product quality, performance material for the prevention of fire , Reduce the loss has a crucial decisive role.

The appearance of good quality switches are mostly made of high quality PC material, fire performance, moisture resistance, anti-impact performance are higher. Smooth surface, no burrs, no bubbles. Product appearance nice, and the room decoration style fit. High-quality electrical products is not only a safe electrical function supplies, it is a piece of refined, elegant, reflecting the elegant cultural taste of art. Some brands under the shell of the use of nylon and other materials, soft, not temperature SIMON product panel, the lower shell are used PC (bullet-proof plastic) material touch switch toggle feel light and not tight, spring and hard moderate, flexible Excellent, open and close the transition is more intensity. It is not easy to switch the button to stop in the middle of a situation and become a serious fire hazard. Socket jack need to be equipped with a protective door, plug plug should be a certain degree of strength, too loose or too tight are not suitable. Safety protection of different use of the environment and use should pay attention to the selection of different functions of the switch socket: 1, to prevent the arc burn, should be used with excellent anti-current impact capacity of the switch socket. 2, in order to prevent children from electric shock, should be used with a protective door safety socket, to prevent unipolar insertion. 3, the metal shell of household appliances, such as floor lamps, washing machines, etc. should be used with a protective grounding of the three pole socket. 4, bathroom, balcony and other easy to touch the water position, should be used to add splash mask mask. 5, some of the lightning-sensitive equipment (such as computers) is best to use a surge protector with a socket. 6, in order to avoid wire breakdown, should be used double hole plate connection socket. 7, the rated current of the power outlet should be greater than the load current value of the connected household appliances. Product identification should pay attention to the switch, the socket on the base of the logo: such as national mandatory product certification CCC logo plus enterprise code, rated current and voltage values, product models and so on. Products to complete packaging, the above should have a clear address of the manufacturer's phone, with instructions and certification.