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"Electric" word preferred jack

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Socket, has been in our lives to play a small role in the insignificant. Although they are almost everywhere, although the TV, computer, refrigerator ... ... all the "electricity" word of the head of the home should be with the "heart", but it seems that people have already turned a blind eye to it, never thought, a small Small sockets will be extinguished. But recently, the State Bureau of Technical Supervision on the plug socket products, a quality supervision and inspection, but people tense from the safety of the use of this string of strings. In the first quarter of 1999, the State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision organized the National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Household Electrical Appliances and Similar Applications. The quality of household and similar plugs was checked and checked. The main checks were conducted in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong and Zhejiang. City of 34 companies 36 kinds of plugs and sockets, converter class? Commonly known as plug-in board Of the quality, the pass rate of only three percent! And unqualified items focused on anti-electric shock protection, temperature and other important safety indicators, great hidden dangers. Associated with a series of electrical fires in recent years, people can not help but scared out a cold sweat. From the results of this spot checks, large and medium-sized enterprises to produce plug socket product quality is better. The sampling of the two large-scale enterprises to produce products are qualified, sampling pass rate reached 100%; spot checks of 10 kinds of medium-sized enterprises of products, qualified 8, sampling pass rate of 80%; spot checks of 24 small businesses Products, qualified 13, sampling pass rate of 54.2%. Large and medium-sized enterprise product sampling pass rate was significantly higher than small businesses. The spot checks reveal that there are more problems with the converter products. GB2099.1-1996 standard implementation, many mobile sockets, converter manufacturers failed to organize production according to the new standards. In addition, there are individual enterprises of weak technical force, the production process of shoddy, cut corners. Used as a sleeve of copper is too thin, as well as in the temperature rise when the test leads and copper fever serious, causing the temperature rise is too high, this product has a fire hazard. According to the statistics of the public security departments, in the past 10 years, the cumulative fire accidents, due to short-circuit, overload, poor contact and other electrical problems caused by fire has been ranked first in all types of fire, accounting for about 28% of the total number of fires In 1997, the electrical fire in China was as many as 22,719 times a year! Therefore, from the socket link to eliminate fire hazards, increasing attention. Experts believe that, in order to fundamentally solve this problem, the socket shell material must be "harsh" requirements. In order to prevent electrical shock, the socket shell material does not allow the use of metal raw materials, and insulation materials to achieve the best requirements for flame retardant? Case of fire does not burn? , The cost of its raw materials will increase 4-5 times! This will give the original use of this huge difference, to achieve low-cost occupation of the market to a heavy blow to the enterprise. In addition, China's annual lightning accident is also more frequent, experts call: public awareness of lightning needs to be improved, if necessary, with a lightning protection function of the socket products. Modern electrical products for the fast-paced modern people to create an envy of the ancients living space, and the socket is embellishment of this space can not be ignored a detail. At present, the market circulation plug socket product quality varies greatly, for the existing problems, the State Quality and Technical Supervision will cooperate with the new national standard enforcement, to strengthen the national standard of the socket plug propaganda work. Please pay attention to the following questions when purchasing: 1. The appearance of the product logo The new national standard which made a clear definition of the rated current, divided into 6A, 10A, 16A three levels, like 13A, 15A non-standard products are not allowed to market, but not allowed at the same time marked 10A, 16A phenomenon. In addition, the consumer in the selection of the socket, you should also check the plug and socket logo is consistent, if the plug of the rated current less than the number of outlets, do not buy, which is substandard dangerous products. Another point, the product packaging to have a detailed manufacturer address, telephone, only the phone number or no site, fake production license and electrical certification, 9000 certificates are three no products. 2. The jack is mistakenly inserted into the problem is usually inserted too close to the wrong may be inserted; Second, the use of the socket itself is unreasonable design, there are three feet mistakenly inserted problem. 3. Socket material is a socket of internal wiring, plug sets, etc. should be selected in line with the specifications of the material, if the internal ground is too thin or too thin sets, will lead to high temperature rise, causing a fire; Use flame-retardant shell, so from inside to outside to prevent fire hazards. In addition, the experts advise the vast number of consumers, in the purchase of plug socket products, should also pay attention to whether the product production license or "CCEE" safety certification mark, and as much as possible to buy large and medium-sized enterprise products, price.